Semiconductor Process & Materials Analysis

IPRG leverages a unique combination of internal expertise in concert with a global network of analytical laboratories to provide the best possible service to our clients.

At IPRG, we believe that the service should fit the clients’ needs – not the reverse approach often practiced by our competitors. By focusing on the client and actively listening to their requests, IPRG client service is unmatched in the industry.

Semiconductor process and materials analysis is highly specialized – to discuss your particular needs and our recommended approaches, contact our analysis team directly.

We understand that enforcement of each patent represents a unique challenge often requiring a deep understanding of the subtleties of each component of the complete analytical suite. IPRG’s team of senior technical analysts fully appreciate that detecting potential infringement is just the beginning. We will document the evidence and portray it in a compelling way to resonate with non-technical consumers of the information

Our structural reverse engineering library contains thousands of analyzed products with hundreds of new ones added each year.

Our analysis expertise is as varied as the microelectronics industry itself having covered products ranging from package assembly to microelectromechanical systems to the latest 3D integrated devices.

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