Integrated Circuit Reverse Engineering

IPRG utilizes proprietary analytical techniques to narrow down the areas of interest on today’s highly integrated chips.  This laser focus provides our clients with the information they need to document infringement of their patents without having to pay for reverse engineering of large circuit blocks that are of no interest.  

Unlike our competition, our staged analysis process reduces the cost, time and risk associated with the technical stage of patent licensing campaigns.

Clients no longer need to commission large, expensive reverse engineering projects to access the information they require for their licensing campaigns.  IPRG integrates our in-depth understanding of our client’s patent portfolio to identify target devices, die analysis to identify the specific sections of interest, and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to quickly and accurately get you the information you need.

And at a cost typically 30-50% less than our competition.  

From full circuit schematics of the latest DDR3 DRAM devices to in-depth analysis of the latest Bluetooth mixed signal integrated circuits, IPRG can provide fast, accurate, cost-effective reverse engineering of any competitors semiconductor device, no matter what the technology.  From full chip analysis to isolated sections of interest, we can provide you with the information you need on-time, and under budget.

IPRG’s proprietary analytical tool ICView provides our clients with powerful insight into the devices under investigation, with the ability to navigate seamlessly through the functional hierarchy of the device, isolate and switch between schematics and detailed SEM images of the device to understand the interaction of circuits, layout and process features.

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