With over 22 years of experience in analyzing semiconductors and electronics products and systems, we have seen the entire technology spectrum.  Our analysts are experienced in the most advanced 3DIC assembly and latest finFET processes, DRAM, Flash and SRAM memory, microprocessors, power management devices and technology, wireless communication ICs, wireless standards up to the current 802.11x , video compression standards including HEVC H.265, printer technology, LCD and OLED display technology and pretty much anything else our clients can throw at us. 

Call and let us tell you what we can do for your program.  We’ll keep your costs down, and help grow your licensing revenues.

Integrated Circuit Reverse Engineering

Deep and highly focussed reverse engineering of complex semiconductor devices – Memory, microprocessor, Analog/mixed signal, RF

Semiconductor Process & Materials Analysis

Extensive analyses of semiconductor structure, materials, and electrical characteristics

Electronic Product Teardown & Analysis

Acquisition, teardowns, internal probing, device and system reverse engineering and analysis