Specialists in finding and documenting evidence quickly and cost effectively to support all of your patent enforcement programs.

22 years licensing and litigation experience

Over 4000 devices analyzed

IP Research Group was formed by the key members and executives of Semiconductor Insights (now Techinsights) and Chipworks, all with decades of intellectual property experience in the US, Japanese and European jusrisdictions.   Located in North America, we have developed a broad worldwide network of resources and experts to bring to bear on your technical licensing needs. 

Our clients have direct relationships, access and interaction with our experts – no sales representatives or junior associates to act as intermediaries.  You spend your time – and your budget – working directly with the experts directly responsible for your project.

In addition to our core team, IP research group has 30 primary subject matter experts, and a secondary network of over 150 experts, so you can be assured that we bring exactly the right expertise and experience to bear on your project.

Our Team

Siva Manoharan – Partner

Siva Manoharan, Founding Partner of IP Research Group (IPRG), has over 20 years of semiconductor design, licensing and reverse engineering experience working with numerous US and international companies in support of their intellectual property licensing and technical competitive design analysis programs. As a senior member of Semiconductor Insights (now Techinsights) and IPRG Siva has analyzed many thousands of patents and generated hundreds of claim charts that have formed the core of many litigation and licensing campaigns. Siva has also served as an expert witness in cases involving semiconductor intellectual property misappropriation and willful cloning of devices. He has extensive design and analysis background and insight in the fields of semiconductor memories, high speed interfaces (SERDES), PLLs and clocking strategies, wireless Radio front-end circuits, and semiconductor low power design methodologies.

Jason Ghie – Partner

Jason Ghie started his career with Semiconductor Insights where his technical and management posts included Manager of Patent Brokerage, Operations Manager of Engineering, IP Account Manager, Patent Engineer, and IP Analyst since joining the company in 1996. He has worked extensively with in-house corporate counsel teams of key technology companies, and external licensing agencies on strategies to effectively evaluate and monetize their IP assets. Jason left SI in the fall of 2008 to join the IP Research Group as a partner. Jason holds a Bachelor of Science & Engineering from Ottawa University and is a licensed member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. In recognition of his strong technical and IP acumen, he has served as an advisor and expert witness in several intellectual property suits on behalf of Semiconductor Insights’ clients.

Derek Nuhn – Senior IP Licensing and Transaction Executive

Derek Nuhn is responsible for strategic advisory services on licensing, litigation and patent brokerage services.  Derek is renowned as one of the most experienced technical and business experts in the licensing industry, with 30 years of experience in a variety of technologies and in all aspects of the licensing ecosystem.  He was one of the founding executives of TechInsights, initiated and executed large licensing programs at WiLan, and regularly guides companies worldwide to identify, strategize and execute IP and patent commercialization programs resulting in multiple 8-figure revenue streams for his clients.  One of Canada’s Top Forty under 40, and senior executive of one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, he is regularly asked to be an expert witness in a variety of IP and technology litigations in the US and Canada.

Tim Whibley – Director, Technical Group

Tim Whibley has worked in the electronics industry performing technical analysis and IP support for the past 20 years. Tim has worked with several of the world’s top semiconductor companies, supporting patent licensing, litigation, and prosecution. Previously, as a technical member of Semiconductor Insights from 2001-2010 (now Techinsights), Tim worked in various roles including reverse engineering / circuit analyst, functional systems testing, and patent brokerage. Tim has extensive experience analyzing patents related to wired and wireless communication standards, digital media streaming and exchange, secure processors, and vehicle communication (802.11p, V2X). Tim has generated hundreds of claim charts across a broad range of technologies, and has supported IP departments with strategic prosecution and technical support.