Evidence of Use/Infringement Analysis

The first input to any licensing campaign or counter assertion is a compelling claim chart, which requires an accurate reverse engineering or extraction of technical data. Our reverse engineering capabilities have been tried and tested many times in licensing and litigation scenarios, and combined with our experience in claim interpretation and mapping, IPRG can provide a solid base for your attorney’s programs.

Accurate, well-crafted claim charts are at the heart of any licensing program or litigation.  IPRG understands how important these assets are to your program, and how carefully claims must be parsed and mapped.  We work intimately with our clients to develop this evidence of use and carefully find that balance between scope, prior art and construction issues.  

While not lawyers, our experts are well versed in patent law, and your attorneys can talk legal with us.

We get ‘Markman’ – no translation required.

Too many dry wells can be dug – and dollars spent – on large scale reverse engineering / fishing expeditions if your technical team does not do their homework.  Key at IPRG is our passion for upfront work – we scour your patent portfolio for the most likely candidates, research and analyze all available information about your targets, and stage the technical analysis to ensure the highest likelihood of identifying infringing products and keep your program costs down.

The result – no dry wells here.

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