Electronic Product Teardown & Analysis

IPRG provides complete coverage of system, circuit, software and mechanical analyses for patent enforcement programs through our extensive network of lab and analysis facilities.

This broad capability provides our clients with alternatives to massive, expensive reverse engineering products – we strive to find the most cost effective way of documenting infringement of our clients patents.

There is no one-size-fits-all at IPRG – your patent portfolio, your project requirements and your timetable are all carefully considered when we engage with your program.  

We won’t pigeon-hole you into a report type or service – we get you exactly what you need, when you need it.

Often patents require a combination of reverse engineering, testing, and measurement capabilities, and IPRG is one of the few facilities in the industry that can provide a comprehensive strategy to identify infringement by using an intelligent blend of these techniques. 

IPRG does teardowns of hundreds of electronic products every year – from printers, cellphones, PCs, and communications equipment to dozens of large panel displays and televisions.  We have an extensive library of which devices are found in which products, and our research team is always on the hunt for new design wins.

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