Television, Monitor and Video Compression Technology

LCD and OLED technology, display drivers, laser and LED projection techinques and cooling apparatus

With the ubiquitous nature of screens in our lives, there is a great deal of complex technology and innovation being applied to monitors of all formats and sizes. From mobile handset displays, high end PC video cards, large televisions to consumer and enterprise level projection systems – the focus on resolution, speed, and power consumption is a highly active area for research and intellectual property.

IPRG has an extensive library of analysis of the leading display technologies and manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Vizio, Apple, Epson, Sony, Nvidia, Panasonic and others, including devices used inside these companies from companies such as Sigma, ST Microelectronics, Broadcom, Maxim, Rohm, Toshiba, Neo Fidelity, Hynix, Richtek and others.

TechnologyTelevision, video compression, monitor, LCD

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