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Increase licensing revenue; reduce royalty fees

IP  Research Group’s licensing services help you better prepare for licensing initiatives; from identifying targets to generating claim charts to drafting invalidity arguments. Our years of experience and expertise will provide you more accurate and cost effective solutions to increase licensing revenue or reduce the royalty fees you pay.


Patent Mining – We will find the patents with the most potential to help you spearhead a successful licensing campaign. The prosecution histories of patents having the best potential for licensing are thoroughly analyzed to ascertain any potential weaknesses with regards to file-wrapper estoppel, claim interpretation, and/or prior art.

Prospective Licensee Assessment – We quickly and accurately identify prospective licensee products that are potentially infringing your patents; where possible highlighting those that generate the most revenue.

Evidence Collection – Using a variety of technical analysis techniques, we conduct a detailed study of target products and literature in order to accurately collect and document the evidence needed to demonstrate patent infringement.

Claims Analysis – Using the infringement evidence collected we map patent claim elements to the prospective licensee’s product in order to produce clear and concise claim charts that effectively demonstrate prospective licensee’s need to take a license.

Claim Chart Support – We provide technical support in drafting responses to non-infringement and/or invalidity arguments countered against our client’s claim charts.


Prior Art Searches - We provide in-depth technical searches in order to identify prior art that can be used to build validity arguments against patents that our clients are accused of infringing.

Non-Infringement Arguments – We assess claim charts, technical documents/analysis and related file histories in order to build comprehensive and credible non-infringement arguments against patents that our clients are accused of infringing.

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  Sources of Evidence

We provide infringement evidence quickly and cost effectively by utilizing many sources of research including;

  • Technical Literature
  • Marketing Literature
  • Standards and Specifications
  • Reverse engineering